RA Silversmith Jewelry

A little bit about the Artist ~ “After leaving the Navy as a disabled Vietnam Era Vet, I started stringing beads, selling at craft fairs and flea markets. After two years of selling, I thought to myself, there must be more I can do in this art. Buying a book by William Holt and following his tool list guide, i started out to become a silversmith.

My first torch was a tall hand held propane cylinder with a fine torch tip. All my beginning tools and some I still use today, were bought at garage sales or flea markets.

Over the years, I have been blessed with meeting, knowing and working with some great artists; both silversmith, goldsmith and master jewelers. To ALL of you, I want to say, thank you, you taught me well!

For the past 30 years, as I traveled my path alone in this world, my studios and tools have evolved into what I can say is a dream come true.

Now retired, I have moved into a home studio in a Northern Arizona Paradise with my most loving and wonderful wife. I’m now taking the next steps on my path to sell online.”

R.A. can be contacted at 928-925-5492 or rasilversmith@amazon.com

OR view some of R.A.’s collection here at Avatar Tat2 and Art Gallery

OR He also has his own FB Page… RA Silversmith

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Beading You Jewelry

Lizzette has been WOW-ing us with her musical talents for YEARS and although she is talented in many forms of art, Lizzette has recently been sharing her love for hand crafted beaded jewelry.

Additionally, her husband Ryan has a rare talent of his own. Ryan creates beautiful works of art, out of multi colored hand blown glass.

Together, they are a “Dynamic Duo”, creating all custom and 100% unique glass and bead jewelry. Feel free to come in and check the artwork out in person. You can also purchase their amazing pieces on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Beadingyou

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