To put out exceptional body art and modifications for a fair price while making you at home in our family-friendly, cozy tattoo shop/art gallery. Avatat Tat2 has been located in Cottonwood AZ approximately 10 yrs. We specialize in all types of tattoos and piercings. We can also re-do or cover-up tattoos that are of poor quality.


Avatar Tat2 was bought by Jimmy and Summer Henry! Summer came to Avatar for a guest spot on November 5, 2011 and with a blink of an eye we became owners of this fabulous shop on December 1, 2011… We can proudly say we are a family owned and operated, local small business… with the help of artists Summer Henry (also co-owner) and guest artists, Ha’ena Pai, Eddy Walters, Jay Diaz, Mike Reams and with the support of all of our families and friends, our phenomenal team has been working hard to create amazing artwork for our clients to be PROUD to publicly display their tattoos, thus proving, on a daily basis, that Avatar Tat2 is “THE” location to be for ALL of your tattoos…

Last but not least, we have our piercer/co-owner/operator, Jimmy Henry. He has been a complete OVER-ACHIEVER, for the last few years, learning from numerous piercers, maintaining a current certificate in the prevention of cross contamination ~ blood borne pathogens (same as all employees at Avatar Tat2), studying first aid and advanced wound care and the anatomy of the skin. Jimmy AND Summer are EXTREMELY dedicated to researching not only the information specifically pertinent to body art and modification but also to educating our clients on proper aftercare procedures and the relationship between tattoos, piercings, open wounds, how your body reacts when under the stress of ANY body modification procedure, how your body can work against you during the healing process and what to do to limit the negative affects to your tattoo or piercing. Consulting with the industry’s own, Nick Baxter, he has been great, in helping us pass on all of this valuable information to our clients.
After all, the tattoo or piercing you receive, isn’t just YOURS… It is also your ARTISTS tattoo or piercing. You are relying on your artist to permanently apply the BEST custom artwork… EVER. but keep in mind…50% of your receiving an EXCEPTIONAL body modification is the artists job… but once you leave the shop and the healing process is left in your hands, the other 50% of the process is YOUR job. We can help guide you but ya can’t very well expect us to move in with you for a couple weeks until the mod is healed LOL! We’re here to help and look forward to YOUR next visit 🙂