Get your AT2 Stickers!

We have listened to many many requests for “Purple” AT2 logo stickers and by overwhelmingly popular demand, the purple vinyl has arrived (the teal and hot pink were just a couple fun new colors we wanted to try). As most of you know, its just Jimmy and I holding it down and with our busy tattoo schedules and administrative tasks, It may take a week or so to get these new colors cut, weeded and ready to be handed out. This vinyl order means that we now offer 17 different colors to choose from! FOR FREE! Come on in and join the steadily growing group of “Friends of Avatar”! Feel free to post pics of where YOUR AT2 STICKER IS STUCK!

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InkFest 2016

This was such a great event! Met some really wonderful folks out there in Winslow and PT’s Bar was a fantastic venue, An oasis in the middle of nowhere 🙂 Laura Lee Parsons, thank you so much for inviting us to your event and being so fun, positive and accommodating, you are an amazing host and MC. Even our clients/friends that drove out from Prescott Valley reported having an amazing time… Jimmy and i hope we met and exceeded your customers expectations and are already looking forward to next year, if you’ll have us 🙂 #thedifferentmakingadifference #modifieddolls #therapyinink

Lisa won Best New School Tattoo (done by Summer Henry) at PT’s Bar Inkfest 2016, Winslow AZ !!!

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Support Louisiana’s Flood Victims

Dear all, we are asking you to join us and help to support the victims of #Louisiana‘s historic flooding by making a donation at: We will use the proceeds to purchase gift cards for those affected by the flooding in Louisiana. No matter how small is your donation every $ helps! Thanks.

 #louisiana #modifieddolls #thedifferentmakingadifference #stopwaitingontheworldtochange #merica #sisterhood

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Summer on Independent Artist Radio Show

EEEEE! THIS IS HAPPENING TODAY, live at 4pm! This afternoon, Jimmy and I get to travel down to Scottsdale to meet Windy West and friends. Go LIKE Independent Artist Radio and give us a listen. SUPER EXCITED! I’m so stoked, I’m the first one up and awake in this house!

UPDATE: What an amazing day! Here’s the link to the Independent Artist Radio Show today with hosts, Windy West and Joseph James, along with Brian Ronalds, movie producer and author of “How NOT to be and A-Hole Husband and Lose Your Wife.” Listen on-demand here:

Jimmy (large head in the corner) and Summer at Independent Artist Radio

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Friends of Avatar Tat2 – We Need Your Help!

First, Summer and Jimmy would thank everyone for their warm wishes, empathy, and prayers during this crazy difficult time. The outpouring of support on social media has been amazing and we are very grateful for our fans, friends, and family.

As many of you know, tattoo artist Summer Henry recently had to take a break from Tattooing in order to rest during her last month of pregnancy and to give birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Asher Stone Henry was born Tuesday 2/24/15 @ 5:16 am – 6lbs 11oz, 21 inches.  
Summer was released on the evening of Thursday, Feb 26th after going through a rough delivery that ended in an emergency cesarean. Asher had knotted up his umbilical cord, as well as wrapped it around his neck. After spending a few days with family, it became readily apparent that something was amiss. Summer was in an intolerable amount of pain, and her stomach was red/warm to the touch. Sunday afternoon on Mar 1st, Jimmy discovered that her sutures were leaking pus and he rushed her to the emergency room. She had an interstitial abdominal infection/abscess, which if not treated in time can be deadly.

Because it’s an abscess, the ER has had to open her sutures, drain the pus, wash the wound/pack with gauze, and give her antibiotics. It’s a very painful process, as it requires her wound be left open for an extended period of time. A vacuum assisted closure (VAC) device is constantly pulling the pus/infection out of this open wound, and will need to be in place for several weeks. Summer was released from the ER the night of Mar 4th, and will require home visits from a doctor who will come to the house 3 days a week to remove her bandages, clean out the incision, and repack the foam necessary for the VAC devise. Summer is very weak and will be confined to a bed with this open wound for up to 8 weeks.

Jimmy has been vigilantly by Summer’s side, assisting her with everything from bathing to breastfeeding. Her weakness has made it very difficult to even slide her legs over the side of the bed, let alone stand up to walk the short distance to the bathroom.

With no one to work at the shop, there is no income coming in and the shop is at risk of shutting down. We need your support to keep the dream of Avatar Tat2 alive – to provide a family friendly space for sharing our love of body art, and celebrate local artists. Many friends/family suggested that we start a GoFundMe account in order to give a vehicle for them to provide financial support. Our sister Stephanie has created this page and is managing it for us.

We’re not sure where we will find the money to keep Avatar Tat2 open, but even if you just stopped by to say hello and share this page with your friends. Thank You!  We’ve never felt such love.

We are also looking for guest tattoo artists and piercers, to work in the shop to keep the doors open during the next few months. If you are interested, please email Stephanie at with your availability and portfolio. She will make sure this gets into Jimmy’s hands so he can schedule an interview with you.  Jimmy’s inbox is full-to-bursting right now, and Stephanie wants to make sure your email is not accidentally missed.

Thank you again,

Summer, Jimmy, Cyrus, Gwen, Serenity, and Asher Henry


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Tattoo Artist Wanted

Point blank – I need another artist in my shop. I am not going to be able to keep this up much longer and without me working, my shop makes no money to pay the bills to stay open. If you’re interested, you must bring your portfolio in to Avatar Tat2 and talk to Jimmy. You can call beforehand, to make sure he’s available for an interview. Go to our page for phone number, address and directions.

I’m not currently doing any sessions over a couple hours long. I’ve only got a few weeks of pregnancy left (Asher Stone’s due date is March 4th) and after a 3 hr session on Saturday, I’ve realized I just can’t physically do it. Longer sessions will hopefully resume the week of march 15th. Appointments are already being booked for after March 15th and they are filling up fast!


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