RA Silversmith Jewelry

A little bit about the Artist ~ “After leaving the Navy as a disabled Vietnam Era Vet, I started stringing beads, selling at craft fairs and flea markets. After two years of selling, I thought to myself, there must be more I can do in this art. Buying a book by William Holt and following his tool list guide, i started out to become a silversmith.

My first torch was a tall hand held propane cylinder with a fine torch tip. All my beginning tools and some I still use today, were bought at garage sales or flea markets.

Over the years, I have been blessed with meeting, knowing and working with some great artists; both silversmith, goldsmith and master jewelers. To ALL of you, I want to say, thank you, you taught me well!

For the past 30 years, as I traveled my path alone in this world, my studios and tools have evolved into what I can say is a dream come true.

Now retired, I have moved into a home studio in a Northern Arizona Paradise with my most loving and wonderful wife. I’m now taking the next steps on my path to sell online.”

R.A. can be contacted at 928-925-5492 or rasilversmith@amazon.com

OR view some of R.A.’s collection here at Avatar Tat2 and Art Gallery

OR He also has his own FB Page… RA Silversmith

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