1 month ago

Reiterating the process for newbies and potentials... been tattooing in the area for 12 years now, im not new, so i do have a full schedule but I've got you 😊

Clients: if i mark your message as unread after it shows i already read it, im trying not to lose you in the sea of messages. It means i read your message out of turn so i can see if your tattoo idea is similar to the space needing filled by someone who rescheduled.

My process works, for ME. The one having to keep hundreds of you, including the "two connies" (with the same first and last names) ... See more

1 month ago

REUNION!!! Its been 24 years since ive seen this kid lol! We've known each other since 7th grade, circa 1989... and yesterday because of a cancelation and a last minute appointment request from Josh, i was able to give this guy a tattoo! So grateful for all my friends that have taken time out of their busy lives, traveled hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles, to come out and have me do their ... See more

2 months ago

I have a handful of spots in august to squeeze in wrist and ankle sized tattoos, the simple stuff like i recently posted on my day. September has a few spots left and im mainly booking in October/November. Saturdays are available in December.

Be prepared to share your tattoo idea details here in messenger in a preliminary consultation, so i can determine an approximate amount of time to schedule ... See more

3 months ago

4 years in a row! This past year was slightly different and i cant accept this award without sharing with Naomi. We kicked ass this past year and continued to improve by leaps and bounds with each new piece we completed. Im proud of her, im proud of us and im so thankful for everyone that supported our art ❤

3 months ago

To Naomi’s Clients!!

To all my friends and clients,
I am moving to Phoenix next week so if we have unfinished tattoo projects please message me!!
I have a few openings left for this week and am willing to work late to fit everyone in.

Thank you Prescott for letting me tattoo you! It’s been fun but it’s time to continue the journey. My time at Red Horse was incredible and I loved meeting and getting to know my ... See more

4 months ago
Photos from Avatar Tat2 and Art Gallery's post

Before: heavy, dark not so fine lines.
After: bright, fun and feminine

5 months ago
Avatar Tat2 and Art Gallery

By Naomi Vanderhoven - Please send a message to schedule an appointment with Naomi, for tattoos and piercings!

6 months ago

Naomi has some tattoo and piercing openings left for May! Send us a message to book!

May is filling up quick!! If you’re wanting a tattoo or piercing appointment,
message me!

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